Training Programs

We provide a complimentary range of high quality training courses to help you meet your personal, team and overall business objectives to supercharge performance and deliver more profit to your bottom line.

Code Title  Inquiry
AF01 Account Payable, Account Receivable and Credit Polices   Inquiry
AF02 Accounting for Non Accountants  Inquiry
AF03 Anti money Laundry, Fraud Prevention and Financial Integrity  Inquiry
AF04 Budget Preparation Skills and Techniques  Inquiry
AF05 Budgeting, Forecasting and Planning Process  Inquiry
AF06 Cash Flow and Balance Sheet Analysis  Inquiry
AF07 Corporate Finance  Inquiry
AF08 Corporate Governance, Accounting, and Finance policies and procedures  Inquiry
AF09 Cost Accounting, Analysis and Control  Inquiry
AF10 Effective Budgeting and Cost Control  Inquiry
AF11 Enterprise and Operation Risk Management  Inquiry
AF12 Feasibility Studies, Preparation Analysis and Evaluation  Inquiry
AF13 Finance For Non Financial Officers  Inquiry
AF14 Financial Management and Modeling  Inquiry
AF15 Financial Statement Analysis and Performance Evaluation  Inquiry
AF16 Financial Strategies and Financial Management Skills  Inquiry
AF17 Internal Auditing  Inquiry
AF18 Internal Capital Adequacy Assessment Process “ICAAP”  Inquiry
AF19 International Public Sector Accounting Standards “IPSAS”  Inquiry
AF20 Investment Analysis and Equity/Debt Valuation  Inquiry
AF21 Investment and fixed assets management  Inquiry
AF22 Managing Financial Risks  Inquiry
AF23 Portfolio Management and Investment Strategies  Inquiry
AF24 Preparing Financial Statement and Annual Report  Inquiry
AF25 Treasury Management  Inquiry
Code Title
AA01 Audit Manager Tools and Techniques   Inquiry
AA02 Best Practices in Internal Auditing   Inquiry
AA03 Continuous Auditing   Inquiry
AA04 COSO-based Internal Auditing   Inquiry
AA05 Creative Problem-Solving Techniques for Auditors   Inquiry
AA06 Financial Auditing for Internal Auditors   Inquiry
AA07 Financial Statement Fraud Detection for Internal Auditors   Inquiry
AA08 Fraud Detection and Investigation for Government Auditors   Inquiry
AA09 Fraud Detection and Investigation for Internal Auditors   Inquiry
AA10 Fraud Investigation Tools and Techniques   Inquiry
AA11 Introduction to IT Auditing   Inquiry
AA12 ISO 9001 Lead Auditor Training “IRCA”   Inquiry
AA13 Operational Auditing: Evaluating Procurement and Sourcing   Inquiry
AA14 Operational Auditing: Evaluating the Supply Chain   Inquiry
AA15 Performing an Effective Quality Assessment   Inquiry
AA16 Preparing for “CIA” Certification   Inquiry
AA17 Risk-Based Auditing: a Value Add Proposition   Inquiry
Code Title
BO01 Back Office Management  INQUIRY 
BO02 Bank Management and Decision Making for Bankers  INQUIRY 
BO03 Bank Operations Management  INQUIRY 
BO04 Bank Risk Analysis  INQUIRY 
BO05 Central Banks Role of Protecting Customers  INQUIRY 
BO06 Corporate Banking  INQUIRY 
BO07 Crisis Management in Banking  INQUIRY 
BO08 Fund Management  INQUIRY 
BO09 Investment Banking  INQUIRY 
BO10 Islamic Banking and Finance  INQUIRY 
BO11 Islamic Banking Principles and Applications  INQUIRY 
BO12 Letter of Guarantees Credit  INQUIRY 
BO13 Merchant Banking and Financial Services  INQUIRY 
BO14 Money and Banking for Non bankers  INQUIRY 
BO15 Personal and Retail Banking  INQUIRY 
BO16 Private Client Investment Advice and Management  INQUIRY 
BO17 Private Wealth Management  INQUIRY 
BO18 Strategic Bank Management  INQUIRY 
BO19 Strategic Pricing in Retail Banking  INQUIRY 
BO20 SWIFT Standards and Regulations  INQUIRY 
Code Title
EM01 Advanced Welding Processes and Materials Selection   INQUIRY
EM02 Circuits and Electronics    INQUIRY
EM03 Design and Analysis of Manufacturing Systems    INQUIRY
EM04 Design of Machine Elements    INQUIRY
EM05 Designing Real Systems    INQUIRY
EM06 Digital Design with “VHDL”    INQUIRY
EM07 Digital Signal Processing    INQUIRY
EM08 Digital System Design    INQUIRY
EM09 Electronic and Photonic Devices    INQUIRY
EM10 Electronic Interfaces: Bridging the Physical and Digital Worlds    INQUIRY
EM11 Energy Conversion Technologies    INQUIRY
EM12 Engineering Design with Polymers    INQUIRY
EM13 Engineering Measurements and Instrumentation    INQUIRY
EM14 Engineering Problem Solving and Programming    INQUIRY
EM15 Experimental Vibration and Dynamic System Analysis    INQUIRY
EM16 Fluid Dynamics    INQUIRY
EM17 Gas Turbines and Jet Propulsion    INQUIRY
EM18 Geometric Modeling for Engineering Applications    INQUIRY
EM19 Haptics: Introduction to Haptics    INQUIRY
EM20 Introduction to Power Electronics    INQUIRY
EM21 Machine Shop and Welding    INQUIRY
EM22 Manufacturing Processes    INQUIRY
EM23 Mechanical Systems Analysis    INQUIRY
EM24 Mechanics of Materials    INQUIRY
EM25 Modeling and Simulation in Polymer Processing    INQUIRY
EM26 Optics for Robots and Drones    INQUIRY
EM27 Optimum Design of Mechanical Elements and Systems    INQUIRY
EM28 Organic Solar Cells – Theory and Practice    INQUIRY
EM29 Rheology of Foods and Biomaterials    INQUIRY
EM30 Robotic Motion Systems    INQUIRY
EM31 Sensing and Actuation from Devices    INQUIRY
EM32 Signals and Systems    INQUIRY
EM33 Solar Cells, Fuel Cells and Batteries    INQUIRY
EM34 Solar Energy Technology    INQUIRY
EM35 Thermo sciences Laboratories for Nuclear Engineers    INQUIRY
EM36 Surface Properties of Electronically Active Solids    INQUIRY
EM37 Transmission Electron Microscopy for Materials Science    INQUIRY
Code Title
HRM01 Auditing HR Processes    INQUIRY
HRM02 Compensation & Benefits management     INQUIRY
HRM03 Competency-Based Management     INQUIRY
HRM04 Compliance and Business Ethics     INQUIRY
HRM05 Current Issues and Trends in “HRM”     INQUIRY
HRM06 Employee Engagement and Motivation     INQUIRY
HRM07 Employment Law & Employee Rights     INQUIRY
HRM08 Financial Skills for HR Professionals     INQUIRY
HRM09 HR Metrics & Analytics     INQUIRY
HRM10 HR Skills for HR Administrators     INQUIRY
HRM11 Human Resources and Training Development     INQUIRY
HRM12 Identifying Training Needs and Evaluating Training     INQUIRY
HRM13 Job specification and Design     INQUIRY
HRM14 Knowledge Management for the Oil & Gas Industry     INQUIRY
HRM15 Leading Strategic HR Transformation     INQUIRY
HRM16 Managing & Measuring Training     INQUIRY
HRM17 Managing and Coordinating Training     INQUIRY
HRM18 Managing Employee Performance, Behavior & Attitudes     INQUIRY
HRM19 Organization and Workforce Planning     INQUIRY
HRM20 Organizational Behavior     INQUIRY
HRM21 Organizational Change and Development     INQUIRY
HRM22 Performance Management System: design and Implementation     INQUIRY
HRM23 Recruitment Skills and Interviewing Techniques     INQUIRY
HRM24 Roles and Responsibilities in employees relations     INQUIRY
HRM25 Strategic Human Resources Management     INQUIRY
HRM26 Urban Labor Markets and Employment Policy     INQUIRY
HRM27 Work, Employment, and Industrial Relations Theory     INQUIRY
Code Title
IS01 Combinatorial Optimization     INQUIRY
IS02 Engineering Management of Continuous Process Improvement      INQUIRY
IS03 Facilities Management      INQUIRY
IS04 Facilities Planning      INQUIRY
IS05 Health Systems Engineering      INQUIRY
IS06 Industrial Engineering Projects      INQUIRY
IS07 Information Sensing and Analysis for Manufacturing Processes      INQUIRY
IS08 Inspection, Quality Control and Reliability      INQUIRY
IS09 Introduction to Manufacturing Systems, Design and Analysis      INQUIRY
IS10 Junior Design Laboratory      INQUIRY
IS11 Linear Programming Methods      INQUIRY
IS12 Operations Research-Deterministic Modeling      INQUIRY
IS13 Patient Safety and Error Reduction in Healthcare      INQUIRY
IS14 Performance Analysis of Manufacturing Systems      INQUIRY
IS15 Production Planning and Control      INQUIRY
IS16 Simulation and Probabilistic Modeling      INQUIRY
IS17 Simulation Modeling and Analysis      INQUIRY
IS18 Sociotechnical Systems      INQUIRY
IS19 Sociotechnical Systems in Industry      INQUIRY
IS20 Stochastic Modeling Techniques      INQUIRY
Code Title
IT01 ACMA Optical Fiber Cabling      INQUIRY
IT02 ACMA Coaxial Cabling       INQUIRY
IT03 Artificial Intelligence       INQUIRY
IT04 CCNA Routing & Switching       INQUIRY
IT05 CCNP Routing & Switching       INQUIRY
IT06 Computer Design And Organization       INQUIRY
IT07 Data Management Manipulation and Analysis Using Excel       INQUIRY
IT08 Data Mining & Survey Design and Data Analysis       INQUIRY
IT09 Data Programming       INQUIRY
IT10 Data Structures And Algorithms       INQUIRY
IT11 Database Systems Internals       INQUIRY
IT12 Digital Communications: Modulation and Coding       INQUIRY
IT13 Digital Transmission       INQUIRY
IT14 Distributed Computer Systems Engineering       INQUIRY
IT15 Distributed Multi-Media Systems       INQUIRY
IT16 Distributed Software Development and Management       INQUIRY
IT17 Electronic Document Management Systems “EDMS”       INQUIRY
IT18 Enterprise Information Security       INQUIRY
IT19 Enterprise Information Systems (EIS)       INQUIRY
IT20 Hardware Design And Implementation       INQUIRY
IT21 Information Security Management       INQUIRY
IT22 Information Technology in Organizations       INQUIRY
IT23 Intelligent Networks       INQUIRY
IT24 IT Project Management       INQUIRY
IT25 IT Security Policies and Procedures       INQUIRY
IT26 Java Programming Basics       INQUIRY
IT27 Java-Spring MVC Framework & Web Services       INQUIRY
IT28 Microsoft Windows Server Services       INQUIRY
IT29 Network and Computer Security       INQUIRY
IT30 Network Design       INQUIRY
IT31 Network Design and Management       INQUIRY
IT32 Network Performance Management       INQUIRY
IT33 Object-Oriented Analysis and Design       INQUIRY
IT34 Oracle Programming with PL/SQL       INQUIRY
IT35 Physical Layer of Communications       INQUIRY
IT36 Programming Languages & Their Implementation       INQUIRY
IT37 Radio Planning and Optimization       INQUIRY
IT38 Service Desk Analyst “SDA”       INQUIRY
IT39 SharePoint Operation and Applications       INQUIRY
IT40 Software Design And Implementation       INQUIRY
IT41 Software Tools and Techniques       INQUIRY
IT42 The Hardware/Software Interface       INQUIRY
IT43 Web Programming       INQUIRY
IT44 Wireless Telecommunication       INQUIRY
Code Title
LL01 Advanced Procurement, Contract Management & Effective Negotiation       INQUIRY
LL02 Airline Contract Law        INQUIRY
LL03 Alternative Dispute Resolution  “ADR”        INQUIRY
LL04 Business Law        INQUIRY
LL05 Case File Preparation and Disclosure        INQUIRY
LL06 Civil Law and Procedure        INQUIRY
LL07 Collecting Electronic / Digital Evidence        INQUIRY
LL08 Construction Adjudication        INQUIRY
LL09 Corporate Acquisitions and Disposals        INQUIRY
LL10 Corporate Governance for Lawyers        INQUIRY
LL11 Courtroom Skills and Giving Evidence        INQUIRY
LL12 Criminal Law and Procedure        INQUIRY
LL13 Digital Copyright and Licensing        INQUIRY
LL14 Dilapidations – Claims, Obligations and Settlement Mechanisms        INQUIRY
LL15 Discrimination and the Law        INQUIRY
LL16 Drafting Legislation        INQUIRY
LL17 Effective Audit Committees        INQUIRY
LL18 Effective Legal Writing for Non-Lawyers        INQUIRY
LL19 Effective Management of Legal Risk        INQUIRY
LL20 Employment Law: Practice & Skills        INQUIRY
LL21 FIDIC Conditions of Contract for Works of Civil Engineering Construction        INQUIRY
LL22 Fundamentals of International Oil and Gas Law “IOG”        INQUIRY
LL23 Judicial Ethics and Case Management        INQUIRY
LL24 Law Evidence Procedure , Complaints Handling and Investigation        INQUIRY
LL25 Law-Making and Legislative Drafting        INQUIRY
LL26 Legality for Letters of Credit        INQUIRY
LL27 Mergers & Acquisitions        INQUIRY
LL28 Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act        INQUIRY
LL29 Reinsurance Contract Wordings and Disputes        INQUIRY
LL30 Telecommunications Law and Regulation        INQUIRY
Code Title
MRO01 Asset Management & ISO 55000 Series        INQUIRY
MRO02 Best Practices in Multishift Operations         INQUIRY
MRO03 Decision Analysis for Operation & Maintenance Professionals         INQUIRY
MRO04 Effective Contractor Management in Maintenance & Technical Projects         INQUIRY
MRO05 Electrical Drawings & Control Circuits         INQUIRY
MRO06 Electrical Faults: Causes, Analysis, Detection & Remedies         INQUIRY
MRO07 Fractured & Unconventional Reservoir Modeling         INQUIRY
MRO08 Harmonics, Power Quality Effects on Gas Insulated Switchgears “GIS”         INQUIRY
MRO09 Heat exchanger : Types & Applications , Design , Operation and Maintenance         INQUIRY
MRO10 ISO 17025 & Laboratory Information Management Systems for Analytical Laboratories “LIMS”         INQUIRY
MRO11 Maintenance Management         INQUIRY
MRO12 Maintenance Planning, Scheduling and Control         INQUIRY
MRO13 Medium Voltage & High Voltage Switchgear Operations & Maintenance         INQUIRY
MRO14 Process & Mechanical Engineering Essentials         INQUIRY
MRO15 Process Control Valves and Actuators         INQUIRY
MRO16 Process Equipment : Compressors , Pumps , Seals and Variable – Speed Drives         INQUIRY
MRO17 Process Equipment and Piping System         INQUIRY
MRO18 Process Plant Optimization & Energy Conservation         INQUIRY
MRO19 Process Plant Troubleshooting & Engineering Problem Solving         INQUIRY
MRO20 Pump & Machinery Troubleshooting         INQUIRY
MRO21 Pumps, Compressors & Turbines         INQUIRY
MRO22 Risk Reliability Management         INQUIRY
MRO23 Rotating Equipment: Start-up, Operation, Maintenance, & Troubleshooting         INQUIRY
MRO24 Safe Operations & Maintenance of Circuit Breakers & Switchgears         INQUIRY
MRO25 Sustainability, Energy and Change.         INQUIRY
MRO26 TEMA &HTRI Heat Exchanger Design & Cost Saving Management         INQUIRY
MRO27 Water Flooding Best Practices         INQUIRY
Code Title
ML01 Balanced Scored Card “BSC”         INQUIRY
ML02 Business Ethics in Temporary Corporate          INQUIRY
ML03 Communication Skills and Problem Solving          INQUIRY
ML04 Corporate Strategic Management          INQUIRY
ML05 Data Management Manipulation and Analysis Using Excel          INQUIRY
ML06 Effective Contractor Management in Maintenance & Technical Projects          INQUIRY
ML07 Effective Negotiation, Persuasion & Critical Thinking          INQUIRY
ML08 Excellence Leadership Under Pressure          INQUIRY
ML09 Facilities Management          INQUIRY
ML10 High Impact Business Communication          INQUIRY
ML11 Implementation of Effective Policies & Procedures          INQUIRY
ML12 Key Performance Indicators & Optimizations          INQUIRY
ML13 Leadership & Decision-Making in Crisis & Emergency Situations          INQUIRY
ML14 leadership and Management Through Strategic Planning & Innovation          INQUIRY
ML15 Leadership Skills Task Building          INQUIRY
ML16 Leadership Styles in Dynamic Environment          INQUIRY
ML17 Leadership, Coordination and Communication          INQUIRY
ML18 Managing Diversities in a Multi-Cultural Workplace          INQUIRY
ML19 Managing Employee Performance, Behavior & Attitudes          INQUIRY
ML20 Managing Multiple Tasks and Multishift Operations          INQUIRY
ML21 Managing Personal & Interpersonal Skills          INQUIRY
ML22 Negotiation & Dispute Resolutions          INQUIRY
ML23 Organizational Behavior          INQUIRY
ML24 Problem Solving and Decision Making          INQUIRY
ML25 Process Development and Innovation          INQUIRY
ML26 Quality Management          INQUIRY
ML27 Strategic Crisis Management          INQUIRY
ML28 Strategic Leadership          INQUIRY
ML29 Strategic Planning, Development & Implementation          INQUIRY
ML30 Strategic Purchasing & Supply Management          INQUIRY
ML31 Teamwork & Cooperation Skills in Corporations          INQUIRY
ML32 The 360° Leader – Emotional Intelligence in Leadership Pinnacle          INQUIRY
ML33 Women as Leaders          INQUIRY
Code Title
MS01 Applied Marketing Strategy and Decision-Making Tools          INQUIRY
MS02 B2B Marketing Strategy           INQUIRY
MS03 Brand Management           INQUIRY
MS04 Channel Management: Maximizing Market Presence           INQUIRY
MS05 Customer & Competitor Orientation           INQUIRY
MS06 Customer Profiling Techniques           INQUIRY
MS07 Customer Relationship Management “CRM“ : The Power of Information           INQUIRY
MS08 Customer Relationship Management “CRM“           INQUIRY
MS09 Direct Marketing & Personal Selling           INQUIRY
MS10 Distribution Strategy and International Marketing           INQUIRY
MS11 E- marketing           INQUIRY
MS12 Effective Marketing Plan Essentials and Preparation           INQUIRY
MS13 Effective Sales Force leadership           INQUIRY
MS14 Fundamentals of Marketing Management           INQUIRY
MS15 International Marketing Mix Strategies           INQUIRY
MS16 International Relations and Dispute Resolution Mechanisms           INQUIRY
MS17 Key Account Management           INQUIRY
MS18 Marketing Communications and Media Planning           INQUIRY
MS19 Marketing Mix Coordination to Achieve Objectives           INQUIRY
MS20 Marketing Research and Analysis           INQUIRY
MS21 Measuring Marketing Effectiveness & ROI           INQUIRY
MS22 Negotiation Dynamics           INQUIRY
MS23 New Products Introduction : Successes and Failures           INQUIRY
MS24 Organizational Sales and Marketing Methods           INQUIRY
MS25 Pricing strategies , Context & Process           INQUIRY
MS26 Product Launch and Management           INQUIRY
MS27 Products & Brands – Features, Advantages & Benefits           INQUIRY
MS28 Real Time Online Marketing           INQUIRY
MS29 Retail Sales Management           INQUIRY
MS30 Sales and Operations Planning           INQUIRY
MS31 Sales Appropriate Training and Development Personnel           INQUIRY
MS32 Sales Forecasting and Budgeting Preparation           INQUIRY
MS33 Sales Law and Ethics Principles           INQUIRY
MS34 Sales Market Share and Market Information           INQUIRY
MS35 Sales Pipeline Management           INQUIRY
MS36 Sales planning and Appropriate Recruiting Sales Personnel           INQUIRY
MS37 Sales Team Performance Analysis and Evaluation           INQUIRY
MS38 Segments Evaluation and Targeting Strategies           INQUIRY
MS39 Selling and Pricing Strategy           INQUIRY
MS40 Service Desk Analyst (SDA)           INQUIRY
MS41 Social Media Marketing           INQUIRY
MS42 Strategic Market Analysis and Consumer Segmentation           INQUIRY
MS43 Strategic Marketing Analysis           INQUIRY
MS44 Strategic Marketing and Planning           INQUIRY
MS45 Strategic Marketing Plans Development & Implementation           INQUIRY
MS46 Strategic Sales Management           INQUIRY
MS47 The power of Personalizing the Customer Experience           INQUIRY
MS48 The Role of Technology in Sales and Sales Management           INQUIRY
MS49 The Strategic and Breakthrough Selling           INQUIRY
MS50 The Strategic Marketing Plan           INQUIRY


Code Title
MGD01 3D MAX           INQUIRY
MGD02 Advertising and Graphic Design + Free Workshop            INQUIRY
MGD03 Architectural Visualization “3D”            INQUIRY
MGD04 Character Animation “Maya”            INQUIRY
MGD05 Character Design            INQUIRY
MGD06 Digital Marketing Strategies & Social Networks            INQUIRY
MGD07 Digital Painting Fundamentals “Photoshop”            INQUIRY
MGD08 Digital publishing            INQUIRY
MGD09 Drawing and Painting in Photoshop            INQUIRY
MGD10 Filmmaking            INQUIRY
MGD11 Foundations of Branding            INQUIRY
MGD12 Foundations of Drawing Cartoon Characters for Animation            INQUIRY
MGD13 Graphic Design concepts            INQUIRY
MGD14 Illustrator            INQUIRY
MGD15 In Design            INQUIRY
MGD16 Logo Design fundamentals            INQUIRY
MGD17 Motion Graphics            INQUIRY
MGD18 Photography and Retouching            INQUIRY
MGD19 Photoshop  + workshop            INQUIRY
MGD20 Preparation and Submission of Talk shows            INQUIRY
MGD21 Radio Broadcasting            INQUIRY
MGD22 Social Media for Corporate Users            INQUIRY
MGD23 Social Media for Fashion            INQUIRY
MGD24 Social Strategy and Advanced Social Media Campaigns            INQUIRY
MGD25 Television Production            INQUIRY
Code Title
MJ01 Aspects of Public Administration, Performance Management and Public Participation            INQUIRY
MJ02 Aspects Relating to Developmental Planning and Unique Legal Requirements             INQUIRY
MJ03 Basic Functional Activities of Local Government and Municipal Service Delivery             INQUIRY
MJ04 Capital Infrastructure, Fund Accounting and Reporting             INQUIRY
MJ05 Cooperative Government and Municipal Monitoring and Supervision             INQUIRY
MJ06 Integrated Development Plan “IDP“             INQUIRY
MJ07 Investments in Municipalities             INQUIRY
MJ08 Municipal Administrative Structure             INQUIRY
MJ09 Municipal and Country Administration             INQUIRY
MJ10 Municipal Finance, Debt Collections and General Fiscal Management             INQUIRY
MJ11 Municipal Financial Management             INQUIRY
MJ12 Municipal Law             INQUIRY
MJ13 Municipality Management             INQUIRY
MJ14 Municipality Management ( Turkey experiment )             INQUIRY
MJ15 Objects and Developmental Challenges of Local Government             INQUIRY
MJ16 Pavement Engineering Fundamentals for Municipalities             INQUIRY
MJ17 Personnel, Staff and Labor Matters in Local Government             INQUIRY
MJ18 Planning and Organizational Development             INQUIRY
MJ19 Political Structures and Internal Procedures             INQUIRY
MJ20 Provincial Growth & Development Plan             INQUIRY
MJ21 Public Policy Implementation, Monitoring & Evaluation             INQUIRY
MJ22 The Legal Nature, Rights and Duties of Municipalities             INQUIRY
MJ23 The Specific Powers and Functions of Local Government             INQUIRY
Code Title
SSOH01 Accident / Incident Investigation             INQUIRY
SSOH02 Behavioral Safety              INQUIRY
SSOH03 Chemical Ipills, Safety Precautions & Response Action              INQUIRY
SSOH04 Dangerous Goods Awareness              INQUIRY
SSOH05 Drug Development Process              INQUIRY
SSOH06 Drug Evaluation and Research According to “FDA”              INQUIRY
SSOH07 Electrical & Safety Related Work Practices              INQUIRY
SSOH08 Emergency Response Management              INQUIRY
SSOH09 Exit Routes, Emergency Action Plans, Fire Prevention and Protection              INQUIRY
SSOH10 Fire & Explosion Hazard Management              INQUIRY
SSOH11 Fire Prevention and Fire Fighting              INQUIRY
SSOH12 Fire Safety              INQUIRY
SSOH13 First Aid              INQUIRY
SSOH14 Flammable and Combustible Liquids              INQUIRY
SSOH15 Food Safety Management              INQUIRY
SSOH16 Good Laboratory Practices “GLP”              INQUIRY
SSOH17 Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points ”HACCP”              INQUIRY
SSOH18 Hazard Communication Hazards              INQUIRY
SSOH19 Industrial Safety in the Oil and Gas Industry              INQUIRY
SSOH20 Introduction to OSHA Standards, Origin, Code of Federal Standards              INQUIRY
SSOH21 IOSH Managing Safely              INQUIRY
SSOH22 Leadership & Decision-Making in Crisis & Emergency Situations              INQUIRY
SSOH23 Leadership Excellence in Handling Pressure & Stress              INQUIRY
SSOH24 Marine Pollution Management              INQUIRY
SSOH25 Materials Handling              INQUIRY
SSOH26 Means of Egress and Fire Protection              INQUIRY
SSOH27 Occupational Health Hazards in Construction              INQUIRY
SSOH28 Personal Protective and Lifesaving Equipment              INQUIRY
SSOH29 Principles of Radiation Protection              INQUIRY
SSOH30 Risk Assessment & Incident Investigation              INQUIRY
SSOH31 Risk Based Process Safety Management “RBPS”              INQUIRY
SSOH32 Safety and Health standard according to “OSHA”              INQUIRY
SSOH33 Safety and Protection of Corporate Facilities              INQUIRY
SSOH34 Safety Awareness for Construction Workers              INQUIRY
SSOH35 Safety Case Development & Application              INQUIRY
SSOH36 Safety Engineering and Hazard Control              INQUIRY
SSOH37 Safety Leadership in the Oil and Gas Industry              INQUIRY
SSOH38 Safety Management Best Practices              INQUIRY
SSOH39 Safety Management Systems “SMS”              INQUIRY
SSOH40 Security Management, Planning & Asset Protection              INQUIRY
SSOH41 Security Management: Safety and Protection of Corporate Facilities              INQUIRY
SSOH42 Strategic Crisis Management              INQUIRY
SSOH43 Sustainability, Energy and Change              INQUIRY
SSOH44 Walking and Working Surfaces              INQUIRY
Code Title
OG01 Amine Gas Sweetening & Sulphur Recovery  INQUIRY
OG02 API 510 ( Pressure Vessel Inspection Code )   INQUIRY
OG03 API 570 ( Piping Inspection Code )  INQUIRY
OG04 Applied Coring and Well Logging for Enhanced Reservoir Characterization  INQUIRY
OG05 Asset Integrity Management for the Petroleum Industry   INQUIRY
OG06 Best Practices of Water Flooding   INQUIRY
OG07 Crisis Management & Emergency Response for the Oil and Gas Industry   INQUIRY
OG08 CSWIP 3.0 – Visual Welding Inspector   INQUIRY
OG09 Delivering Successful Projects in the Oil & Gas Industry   INQUIRY
OG10 Drilling Supply Chain Management   INQUIRY
OG11 Economics of Petroleum Refining   INQUIRY
OG12 Electrical Submersible Pumps “ESP” Basic operations, Design Sizing and Optimization   INQUIRY
OG13 Energy Optimization of Oil Refineries   INQUIRY
OG14 Environmental Risk and Oil Spill Contingency Analysis   INQUIRY
OG15 Finance for Non-Financial Professionals in the Oil & Gas Industry   INQUIRY
OG16 Financial Accounting, Reporting & Business Support in the Oil and Gas Industry   INQUIRY
OG17 Fractured & Unconventional Reservoir Modeling   INQUIRY
OG18 Fundamentals of International Oil and Gas Law “IOG”   INQUIRY
OG19 Fundamentals of Petroleum Geomechanics   INQUIRY
OG20 Gas Chromatography “GC” Techniques   INQUIRY
OG21 Gas Production Operations   INQUIRY
OG22 Horizontal Extended Reach Drilling Industry Training   INQUIRY
OG23 Hydro Treating & Hydro Cracking Process Technology   INQUIRY
OG24 Industrial Safety in the Oil and Gas Industry   INQUIRY
OG25 Instrumentation and Control Systems in Oil and Gas Industry  INQUIRY
OG26 Leadership & Strategic management in the Oil, Gas & Petrochemicals Industry  INQUIRY
OG27 Marine Pollution and Management   INQUIRY
OG28 Natural Gas Processing, Conditioning and Handling   INQUIRY
OG29 Non Destructive testing “NDT“   INQUIRY
OG30 Offshore Operations and Pipeline Design   INQUIRY
OG31 Oil and Gas Drilling   INQUIRY
OG32 Petroleum Geology and The Exploration Process   INQUIRY
OG33 Petroleum Production Engineering   INQUIRY
OG34 Petroleum Project Economics & Risk Analysis   INQUIRY
OG35 Petroleum Refinery Processing   INQUIRY
OG36 Petroleum Refining & Petrochemicals for Non-Technical Personnel   INQUIRY
OG37 Petroleum Systems Modeling   INQUIRY
OG38 Petroleum Tanks Measurement   INQUIRY
OG39 Piping Inspectors   INQUIRY
OG40 Project Decision Making in the Oil and Gas Industry   INQUIRY
OG41 Project Management and Decision Making for the Oil and Gas Industry   INQUIRY
OG42 Pump Technology and Oil Recovery Techniques   INQUIRY
OG43 Reservoir Modeling and Data Integration   INQUIRY
OG44 Risk Assessment & Risk Management for Oil & Gas Projects   INQUIRY
OG45 Rock and Fluid Sampling   INQUIRY
OG46 Single Point Mooring Tower Systems “SPM“  ( theoretical part )   INQUIRY
OG47 Welding and fabrication   INQUIRY
OG48 Well Testing and completions   INQUIRY
Code Title
PM01 Budgeting and Scheduling Projects   INQUIRY
PM02 Business Process Analysis, Innovation and Design    INQUIRY
PM03 Construction Project Management    INQUIRY
PM04 Construction Site Management & Supervision    INQUIRY
PM05 Critical Path Project Management    INQUIRY
PM06 Effective Contractor Management in Maintenance & Technical Projects    INQUIRY
PM07 Feasibility Analysis: Preparation & Evaluation    INQUIRY
PM08 Initiating and Planning Projects    INQUIRY
PM09 IT Project Management    INQUIRY
PM10 Lean-Agile Implementation for Business and Operations    INQUIRY
PM11 Managing Contracts    INQUIRY
PM12 Managing Multiple Tasks, Priorities & Deadlines    INQUIRY
PM13 Managing Project Integration    INQUIRY
PM14 Managing Project Risks and Changes    INQUIRY
PM15 Negotiating & Dispute Resolutions    INQUIRY
PM16 Project Decision Making in the Oil and Gas Industry    INQUIRY
PM17 Project Management Capstone    INQUIRY
PM18 Project management Essentials    INQUIRY
PM19 Project Management for the Oil and Gas Industry    INQUIRY
PM20 Project Management planning ,Implementation and Techniques    INQUIRY
PM21 Project Management Skills for Non-Project Managers    INQUIRY
PM22 Project Management Using Primavera Software    INQUIRY
PM23 Project Scheduling, Cost Planning & Value Engineering Skills    INQUIRY
PM24 Project Stakeholder Management    INQUIRY
PM25 Project Team Management and Leadership    INQUIRY
PM26 Quality Control for Project Managers    INQUIRY
PM27 Risk Assessment & Risk Management for Oil & Gas Projects    INQUIRY
PM28 Strategic Management Performance Monitoring and Evaluation    INQUIRY
PM29 Strategic Project Management    INQUIRY
PM30 Value Engineering Skills    INQUIRY
Code Title
PRC01 Bad News Communications    INQUIRY
PRC02 Careers in Public Relations     INQUIRY
PRC03 Communication Conflicts and Solutions     INQUIRY
PRC04 Communication Planning     INQUIRY
PRC05 Corporate Social Responsibility “CSR”     INQUIRY
PRC06 Creativity in PR and Communications     INQUIRY
PRC07 Effective Communication Tools     INQUIRY
PRC08 Effective Speakers and Listeners     INQUIRY
PRC09 Ethical Issues in Public Relations     INQUIRY
PRC10 Event Management and Public Relations     INQUIRY
PRC11 Events and Conferences Management     INQUIRY
PRC12 International Public Relations     INQUIRY
PRC13 Key Target Audiences in PR     INQUIRY
PRC14 Law of Mass Communication     INQUIRY
PRC15 Media Relations Management     INQUIRY
PRC16 Non verbal communication     INQUIRY
PRC17 Organizational Planning and Communications     INQUIRY
PRC18 Persuasive Communication     INQUIRY
PRC19 Public Relations and Media Skills     INQUIRY
PRC20 Public Relations Components and Planning     INQUIRY
PRC21 Public Relations Decision Making     INQUIRY
PRC22 Public Relations in Practice     INQUIRY
PRC23 Public Relations Research, Planning, Analysis and Marketing     INQUIRY
PRC24 Reputation Management in Social Media “ORM”     INQUIRY
PRC25 Social Media Networking in Public Relations     INQUIRY
PRC26 Social Projects and Public Relations     INQUIRY
PRC27 Technical Writing for Public Relations     INQUIRY
PRC28 VIP Greetings and Protocol     INQUIRY

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